Old World Vintage Style Crafts

French Empire Wall Sconces

2cA1 Egypt online shop offers variety of handicrafts for home and garden. Our selection covers copper bathroom and kitchen sinks, wall decorative tiles, metal bowls, Spa pedicure Pots, foot wash therapy basins, brass alcohol burners, glass blowing lamp work rain drops, icicles, jewelry parts, crystal beads lighting, light shades, forged ornate Wrought iron chandeliers, scrolls, gates, screens, brackets, door handles, knockers, grills, plaques, plant hooks, hangers, shelf supports, pot holders, cabinet pulls, metal leaves, rail heads, wall ornaments, curtains holders, kitchen hardware and leather hides.

Our artisans use raw materials and old world simple primitive tools to hand make crafts for home and garden. The process is similar to Ancient Egyptians who were high in architectural design and construction engineering. No wonder that Nile valley is home of the man made pyramids and sphinx which are among the famous buildings in history.