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Alexandria is the ancient city left behind by the Greeks and Romans, the city that young Alexander the Great had envisioned as a great port for his empire and the city of Cleopatra. Alexandria is the second biggest city in Egypt right after Cairo and the largest sea port. The population is 5 million. Alexandria is about 30 km along the coast of the Mediterranean. Egyptians called Alexandria " The pearl of the Mediterranean".

Macedonian ruler, Alexander the Great conquered Egypt from the Pharos in 323 B.C. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great. Alexandria became the capital of the Ptolemic rule in Egypt, where stately palaces and gardens were built. Alexandria was well-known not only as a center of outstanding achievements in arts, science, industry and trade but also as the prime sea harbor on the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria Lighthouse is considered by the Greeks as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Alexandria was further well-known for its University, which symbolized a great civilization. Alexandria was considered to be the most important trading city on the Mediterranean and regarded as a cultural and scientific center. Alexandria was noted for its commerce and wealth.

French troops led by Napoleon stormed the city on July 2nd 1798. That is why many streets in Alexandria are written in both Arabic and French. Later on, the British expedition arrived the city in 1801. The British won a considerable victory over the French at the Battle of Alexandria in March 1801.

The Alexandria library was the hub of scholars from everywhere. The scholars gathered to study astronomy, physics and anatomy. The library destruction more than 1600 years ago is a mystery buried in time.

Today, The new high-tech library, designed by Norwegian architects, looks from the distance like a silvery sun rising. It is located on the edge of the Alexandria Mediterranean sea side.

There are about 40 cities named Alexandria worldwide including 15 Alexandria cities in USA and 2 Alexandria cities in Canada.

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